Navixy added a new GPS tracker Enfora MT-Gu (GSM2338). This AVL device is rich with numerous I/O interfaces that make this tracker good for advanced fleet management.

This device is popular in the North America and Central America regions.

Navixy features for Enfora MT-Gu (GSM2338):

  • Automatic activation. You may see a tracker on a map after a few minutes after connection.
  • Remote control. It is possible to configure and switching different tracking modes by time, covered distance or, for Enfora MT-Gu, angle of direction. All these help to make a track line more precise.
  • LBS as a backup tracking mode. GPS tracker is able to use cell tower for tracking even without GPS signals.
LBS as a backup tracking mode
  • GPRS control for outputs. All configuration may be used immediately.
GPRS control for outputs
  • Use of sensors. You can connect any external device (different sensors and other) and control its work using a special portlet in the platform, saving your time and money. Enfora MT-Gu has an analog input for any kind of measurement sensor (for example, fuel level sensor, humidity sensor or temperature sensor).
Use of sensors

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