X-GPS Tracker update: add Forms to Check-ins

Check-in is one of the most frequently used features on X-GPS Tracker mobile app. Sales reps, field engineers, and other mobile professionals apply it to easily and instantly prove their visits or job completion.

We wanted to maintain the minimalistic approach while considering partners’ ideas and making the feature more efficient. The result is: now users can fill out and submit mobile forms directly in the Check-in and do it as easily, as before.

For mobile workers: reporting on the go

The new tool is aimed to make the life of sales reps, merchandisers, field engineers, etc. easier. Previously, they could use Check-in to prove the visit with location, pictures, and a text comment. Now they can also select and fill out the form to provide valuable data and showcase their performance in a more structured way.

The updated feature streamlines data exchange while fostering accountability. The employee acts as a field manager: selects any of the available forms depending on the situation and client, or skips it altogether. Inside, the form will look and function the same way as in the Tasks. However, thanks to the new Check-in, the employee will be able to submit the form even if the dispatcher didn't add it to the task.

For the back office: more data with less planning

Supervisors have a soft spot for Check-in as it amplifies unplanned visits and requires less planning from their side. And now it brings even more valuable data. The form submitted in Check-in will show the employee’s name, location, and the filled-out data. If you or your customers need a little reminder on how to create the forms, watch this 2-minute video guide.

Now a check-in notification also provides a link to the form, if available. When using the reports to study check-ins for the period, the link will be added there too. Here we’d like to share some of your clients’ stories, tips, and best practices.

Use Cases

New purchase orders. A sales rep can easily take orders on the spot even if it’s absolutely out of the blue. The data will arrive to the back office detailed and well-organized to speed up order processing.

Check-lists for retail. Inspections are crucial for normal and compliant functioning. Provide a handy tool for auditors and secret shoppers. Enable them to quickly yet thoroughly check, if the franchisee or brunch meets the corporate standards.

Equipment inspections. Let dispatchers create templates for each type of service works. After the inspection, the technician will select the right form themselves to provide valuable details for further service calls and specific repair crews.

Proof of delivery. Providing a shortcut to a digital POD will make transitioning from paper workflow much easier. Drivers know the form is always at hand and available.

The long-awaited update will be released this Friday, August 7th on the Android app first. To learn all the details and conditions, please contact your personal Navixy manager or our Sales team at [email protected].

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