The Navixy platform provides the newest feature of the route and task planning for corporate transport and mobile staff.  The delegation of tasks to the closest employee has never been so easy. Now work may be planned according to the highest standard of time management.

Estimating time of arrival using GPS service

This feature is useful for any kind of enterprise that works with delivering, cargo and passenger transportation or mobile staff.

  • For a single task. This option helps to build the shortest route and estimates the mileage and time of arrival. Now it is very easy to find the nearest courier in the operating zone and save time providing better service.
  • For multiple tasks. If employee has route tasks the feature becomes even more desired. The estimated time of every task will be added to the travel time. During a day, a manager may see the progress of work for every employee. In case of lateness, a manager may see this situation and make an efficient decision (reassign a task or inform a customer).

On the following picture you may see the feature with three tasks on one route. Get the details about each of them by clicking on task point.

Get the details about each of them by clicking on task point.

Let’s make a summary of the new feature.

  • During a day you may see routes of the closest workforces to a zone of a new task.
  • A manager may build a direct and efficient plan for every employee with the perfect timing.

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