Battery and charger alerts for electric vehicles

As more businesses turn to electric vehicles to lower operational costs and reduce their carbon footprint, it’s now more important than ever to offer support for these alternative-fuel autos. Although managers don’t have to worry about fuel levels with EVs, aspects like charge status and battery level are new areas to consider. Fleets with EVs can now keep track of these and other key parameters on the Navixy platform.

Thanks to this integration, businesses will have an easier time managing charging times, delivery schedules, and asset allocation to help improve efficiency.

Battery and charger

Though electric vehicles don’t have fuel tanks or internal combustion engines, they do still have components that require attention: the battery and charger. Since the former stores energy and delivers it to the motor to turn the wheels, it plays an indispensable role. Without it, the vehicle can’t move.

Meanwhile, when the battery runs out of power, it has to be hooked up and charged. A problem with this process can cause delays and cost money, so it’s essential to stay aware of how it’s functioning.

Fortunately, Navixy now supports several alerts for EVs’ batteries and chargers to ensure that fleet managers can stay ahead of any potential issues. With these, it’s easier to know if a battery isn’t holding a charge or a charger isn’t transferring the correct amount of power.

Manage your EV fleet with Navixy

These functions are made possible by the Teltonika TFT100 tracking device, which has recently been integrated into the Navixy platform. This sensor receives and transmits CAN bus data that provides vital information specific to EVs. With this sensor, fleet managers will have the chance to monitor:

  • Battery health
  • Battery level
  • Battery temperature
  • Battery voltage
  • Charger current
  • Charger current actual
  • Charger energy
  • Charger voltage
  • Charger voltage actual


CAN bus readings for electric vehicles in Navixy
CAN bus readings for electric vehicles in Navixy

Using the data provided by our platform, companies can more effectively manage their various electric vehicles. For instance, a person may discover the ideal time for recharging to prevent the entire fleet from being out of service at the same time. In addition, this information could be leveraged to determine how many miles drivers can travel with a full battery to better understand the real-world performance of a given EV.

Be sure to contact one of our product specialists if you’d like to hear more about our platform, supported devices, and more. Navixy looks forward to assisting EV fleets across the globe.

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