Navixy On-Premise

The section contains technical documents about Navixy On-Premise product installation.

Delivery model

On-premise deployment is offered for customers that wish to setup, manage and maintain their Navixy installation on their in-house servers. The customer purchases software license (one-time fee) for each instance of one of the following types:

  • Enterprise Edition – for the licensee that use Navixy software for its own internal needs only (i.e. management of the company’s fleet, mobile workforce, cargo delivery).
  • Provider Edition – allows the licensee to provide services to other users on B2B and B2C markets. This edition includes special components such as billing (tariff plan editor, online payments integration), advanced user management, tools for support teams and other.

Software package

The installation package is provided within 1-3 working days after the payment is received and contains the latest software version, with full available functionality (unless otherwise specified in the License agreement). The package with license key is delivered over the Internet.


The customer may choose how the software installation will be made:

  • by the in-house IT staff: according to the documentation in this section;
  • by Navixy specialists: remotely over SSH, but additional charge is required.


After installation is completed there is 30-days of FREE warranty period, when the customer is advised to perform all general tests and integrations. At this stage free support covers the most of questions that come while the customer’s staff is getting acquainted with Navixy:

  • Support for IT administrators: how to start / restart / stop services, required network settings, logging, backup, scheduled maintenance, system monitoring.
  • Support for service managers: basics for administration tools (billing, user management, support tools)
  • Support for developers: how to use API and plugins for custom integrations.


After the installation is done and warranty period finishes, the customer is responsible for the security, availability and overall management of On-premise software. However, Navixy provides full range of after sales services (maintenance, support, integrations, software update) – which are the subject to additional fees.


The on-premises version of Navixy is updated several times per-year, giving administrators the option of upgrading or continuing to use your current version of Navixy. The software updates are subject to small additional fees. All the brand-new functionality in newer versions will be available to the customer after the software update, along with improvements of previously existing features and known bug fixes.

Key features of Navixy on-premises

Simple setup

IT administrators can typically install Navixy in 2 to 3 hours with little if any assistance. Navixy’s appliance is designed to install like a simple wizard, however a certain environment should be prepared in advance.

No extra software to buy

The software runs in Linux or Windows based environment. Usually Navixy does not require any other specific software to buy. This, however, does not always refer to the maps and related data (map tiles, geocoding and routing): in some cases you have to pay for their licensing to copyright owners.

Expandable system

Navixy On-premise products are desinged to run in the server virtualization environment. It gives a greater degree of control over the daily management of servers and allows to scale the service up with no practical limits. You can control your database space by user plans settings (data storage period value), and for larger projects use scalable database storages.

Monitoring ready

For failure-critical projects you likely to use monitoring services, such as Zabbix, Nagios or Cacti. Navixy lets you control a lot of parameters from its core applications. Along with monitoring of the typical parameters of the system’s health it helps to prevent the evolution of the potentially dangerous issues from the early stages.

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