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Wireless Links

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in NJ USA, Wireless Links is a customer focused, company. They design and manufacture innovative, high-quality GPS Telematics hardware and solutions for fleet management, asset tracking and vehicle tracking.

Official website: https://wlius.com/

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Wireless Links Piccolo ATX

Piccolo ATX is an advance asset tracking device. Two standard Type C High Current lithium batteries...

Wireless Links Piccolo ATX2S

ATX2S is a solar powered GPS tracker that will be an ideal solution for and any asset...

Wireless Links Piccolo Hybrid+

Piccolo Hybrid+ is a portable device suitable both for vehicle and asset tracking. Waterproofing and...

Wireless Links Piccolo Plus

Piccolo Plus is an extremely advanced vehicle tracker. It can read CANbus OBDII, K-Line, J1939, and...

Wireless Links Piccolo STX

The Piccolo STX is a modular plug & play vehicle gateway providing fleet managers complete...

Wireless Links Piccolo TMX+

Piccolo TMX+ is a portable temperature monitoring device perfect for cargo tracking. Packaged in an IP67...
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