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Jimi Electronic™ is a leading and advanced wireless communication solution provider. After over a decade of company history, Jimi Electronic™ is more than ever looking to the future. Founded, struggled and flourishing in the age of internet is an asset for the Group, which has always demonstrated its ability to adapt to changes in the market. What started out as just a small telephone set workshop gradually became a key player in wireless communication sectors.

Jimi GPS trackers are made for different spheres where you need GPS control under people, transport or assets.

Website: http://www.jimilab.com/

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Jimi JC100

Jimi JC100 is a very advanced Dash Camera that also allows you to track your...

Jimi Ji08

Jimi Ji08 is a compound of a personal GPS tracker and mobile phone. It works...

Jimi Ji09

Jimi Ji09 is a phone GPS Tracker, with GPS and RFID function for the student...
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