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China Aerospace Telecommunications Limited (Castel Group for short), founded in 1997, is a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). As one of the co-founders of China GPS Association, Castel Group has over 10 years experiences in GPS and LBS application, wireless, communication and access, and are engaged in R&D and manufacturing and provisioning of customized integrated solutions. Castel GPS trackers are designed for different purposes like vehicle, pet or personal tracking. These devices use most high-end hardware to improve GPS units' performance.

Website: http://www.castelecom.com/

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Castel IDD-213

Location and tracking The device features a high-precision GPS with the accuracy in the range of...

Castel MPIP-620

Location and tracking The device is using GPS for location tracking, and doesn't support GLONASS. The...

Castel PT-690

PT-690 is a portable pet GPS tracker. Based on existing GSM /GPRS network and GPS...

Castel PT-718S

PT-718 is a portable personal GPS tracker with low power consumption. Working based on existing GSM...
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