Activity log

Using the activity log, account owner can track the activity of all users added through the "Access rights" section.

How to enter the "Activity log" section

  1. Click ID in the user interface
  2. Select "Activity log"
Activity log

Action types

  • Session start. When a user logged into an account without using authorization.
  • Authorization. When a user logs in using the username and password.
  • Session end. When a user logged out of monitoring system.
  • Login from the owner's account. When customer logged from the main account.
  • Geofence created/edited/deleted.
  • POI created/edited/deleted.
  • Rule created/edited/deleted.
  • Object binded to the rule. When object was specified for the rule.
  • Object deleted from the rule. When object was removed from the rule settings.

How to get the activity log

  1. Enter the "Activity log" section
  2. Specify parameters. Select action types and user
  3. Set time frames. Set time frames and click "Apply button"
Activity log

List grouping

Use grouping to structure the list according to your criteria.

  • By date. It helps to group records by data
  • By user. Use this type to get the list of users, who logged in this account
  • By action type. This grouping allows to see types of actions made in this account
Activity log

List filtering

  • Date. Get data for the specified time period.
Activity log
  • Action type. This filter shows only selected action types.
Activity log
  • User. Get logs for specified users.
Activity log
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