Single task

Assign single tasks, if the order of task execution by the employee can be any.

For example, a courier can pick up parcels in any order from customers from one office center.

To create a single task:

1 – Click the Add button in the upper left corner.

2 – Fill in the fields:

  • Task name – it can be, for example, the name of the customer or a description of the task (Installation of equipment, Inspection of communications, etc.)
  • Location – enter the address, place name, geographic coordinates or select a point on the map.
  • Task time – set the date and time range (from… to…) when employee should visit the job site. If necessary, specify additional time values.
  • Admissible delay — the maximum time that an employee may be delayed. If completed within the delay time, the task will receive the status “completed late”.
  • Minimum duration – the time that the employee must spend on the job site to complete the task successfully. The time of several visits is summarized.
  • Ignore visits lasting less than — when calculating the minimum duration, visits shorter than those will be ignored.
  • Employee – select an employee to perform the task. To make it easier to select him, use additional tools.
  • Search in the list of employees – start typing the name of the employee and only the corresponding employees will remain in the list.
  • Sort by distance – select the Distance tab to sort the list of employees by distance from the job location. The nearest employees will be shown at the top of the list.
  • Work statuses – consider the status of employees when assigning tasks to them.

You can assign a task performer later, for example, by using a task list.

For the successful completion of the task, employee should visit task location within the specified time interval.

3 – Click Save to complete the task creation.

Additionally, when creating tasks, you can specify:

  • Task description – specify the information that might be useful. For example, the name of the contact person. Note, that every phone number which are specified in the task description, will be clickable and you or an employee will be able quickly dial these numbers.
  • Form – select which form the employee should fill in when performing the task.

Employee will only be able to fill in the form in the X-GPS Tracker app.

  • Tags – specify keywords or set tags to quickly find the necessary tasks in the future.
  • Order ID – assign an ID to the task and tell it to the client. The client will be able to track the arrival of an employee using the “Courier on the map”.

For example, the customer will be able to track the delivery from the online store or food delivery service.

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