Social distancing monitoring

The rule of social distancing monitoring allows employees to know if they have crossed each other and if they have breached personal distance.

At the moment, this rule supports Teltonika GH5200 device as a handy badge that can be worn around the neck.

If the distance between employees is not respected, you will receive an alert on the platform and the device will vibrate and sound.

Rule creating

  1. Go to “Alerts” and click on the “Add rule” button.
  2. Choose your tracker
  3. Choose the “Social distancing monitoring” rule from rule list
  4. Click on the “Next” button

Notification settings

Type text message or leave a default text in the text fields and choose the type of notifications (SMS, Email).

By specifying “Emergency notification”, notifications will not disappear from the screen until you manually turn them off.

Schedule settings

In this tab, you can specify the days and times when you want to control the rule triggering.

Geofence settings

If necessary, select the geozones that you want to control your trackers. The rule will only work in the specified geozones.

You can select them from the list, edit them, or create a new one.

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