Work status change


By utilizing the "Working statuses" feature, mobile employees have the ability to indicate their current activities and notify their preparedness for a new task. They can easily select the appropriate status from a supervisor-generated list. With the activation of the "Work status change" rule, the monitoring system will promptly notify any updates in the employees' current statuses, such as being free or starting work, through SMS, email, or pop-up notifications in the User Interface.

Note that this rule only works with the X-GPS Tracker app (software tracker for smartphones).


Work status change

Choose statuses to be monitored. If the employee, which is bound to the X-GPS Tracker, goes for a rest by setting the Rest status on, the platform generates the notification. This ensures that the company dispatcher or other staff members can stay informed about their colleagues' current status updates and remain in communication with them.

The list of statuses should be assigned from the "Working statuses" portlet in the Devices and Settings menu:

Work status change

Users can create custom lists of working statuses. To learn more, please review the "Working Statuses" article.


Fill out the section if the rule needs to work only inside/outside of the selected geofences.

Bind zone to rule:

Enables geofence rule binding.

Map button:

Shows bound geofences on the map.

The platform specifics

  • This rule is of a specific type, allowing only X-GPS trackers to be selected as sources for monitoring. The list of working statuses associated with the rule may vary depending on the different lists assigned to it through trackers. In the event that the user modifies the list of devices bound to the rule and the list of working statuses changes accordingly, the rule will include both the old and updated lists. However, the newly added statuses from the updated list will be unselected by default. To adjust this, the rule can be edited to adjust the list of statuses to be monitored, including the new statuses from the newly added list.
  • Unlike many other rules, this rule does not have a reset timer


Emergency notification:

is used for important events. A message on the screen and the sound signal can only be disabled by clicking on the notification. Please note, some browsers can block notification sound until user activity is recorded on the page.

Push notifications:

Receive push notifications on the mobile app and web interface.

Add geofence name to the notification:

Adds names of the specified geofences to the notification text. This option is available only when the "Inside" geofence binding radio button is selected on the "Settings" tab.

SMS notifications:

List of recipients for SMS notifications when the event occurs.

Email notifications:

List of recipients for email notifications when the event occurs.


Set a schedule for when the rule will run. If your schedule indicates that the event should not run some day or time period, it will not appear as a notification in the user interface, and notifications via SMS or email will not be sent. Additionally, you can choose a default template for quick scheduling.

Event reports

To view the dates when the events were received, you can build the "Report on all events" report.

Work status change
Work status change
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