Deviation from the route


The route deviation rule enables monitoring of deviations from a predefined route. It is important to note that only geofences categorized as "route" can be selected as the source for monitoring. By setting up this rule, users can receive notifications whenever a vehicle or object deviates from the specified route. This functionality allows users to ensure adherence to planned routes, improve efficiency, and enhance security by promptly identifying and addressing any deviations from the intended path.

Deviation from the route


Ignore deviations at the start/end points:

By selecting this option, you will not receive notifications on deviations from the route at the start and end points of the route. Important: if the start or end points intersect the route (including its radius), notification on deviation in this point will be ignored. Start and end points have the same radius as the route, so, when the option is selected, deviations in start/end points area will be ignored.


A list of route geofences to be monitored.

Map button:

Shows bound geofences on the map.

Deviation from the route


Emergency notification:

is used for important events. A message on the screen and the sound signal can only be disabled by clicking on the notification. Please note, some browsers can block notification sound until user activity is recorded on the page.

Push notifications:

Receive push notifications on the mobile app and web interface.

Add geofence name to the notification:
Adds names of the specified geofences to the notification text. This option is available only when the "Inside" geofence binding radio button is selected on the "Settings" tab.

SMS notifications:

List of recipients for SMS notifications when the event occurs.

Email notifications:

List of recipients for email notifications when the event occurs.


Set a schedule for when the rule will run. If your schedule indicates that the event should not run some day or time period, it will not appear as a notification in the user interface, and notifications via SMS or email will not be sent. Additionally, you can choose a default template for quick scheduling.

The platform specifics:

  • The "Deviation from the route" alert has a 10-second reset timer, meaning the alert event will not occur more often than once every 10 seconds. If this type of event occurs in time the rule has been waiting for the reset, this event will be omitted by the platform, including the reports.
  • This rule is a generic type that is not specific to any particular hardware, which means it can be applied to multiple trackers simultaneously. This allows for the selection of several trackers within a single rule.

Event reports

To view the dates when the events were received, you can build the "Report on all events" report.

Deviation from the route
Deviation from the route
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