Harsh driving

A lot of vehicle GPS trackers have a built-in detector of harsh driving. It constantly controls value of accelerations during speed-ups, braking and turns. This feature gives the ability to control driving quality of employees.

Firstly you should configure the detection of harsh driving, and create the rule “harsh driving”, you will always know when the car pass the limit values, the system fixes the corresponding event. Further these “Harsh driving” events can be controlled by means of notifications and reports.

How to create the rule

To add a new rule, open the “Alerts” app in the bottom left corner and switch to the SET RULES. Click on the “Add rule” button.

In the window enter the rule name, rule description, select tracker and event type “Harsh Driving”.

Click “Next”.

Rule options

After adding the rule you should set its options.

1. Notifications

Here you should write text of the message you’d like to receive in case of route deviation and choose notification type.

2. Schedule

In this block you are to set days and time when you want to control your objects.

3. Geofences

Choose a geofence inside or outside of which you want to control your trackers. You can select a zone from the list and edit it or create a new one.

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