Weblocator allows you to add a map on your website or blog. There you can observe real-time object location (e.g. delivery cars or competitors).

With the help of HTML-code generator the plugin can be easily embedded into a blog, website or any other application. This function is included into “Hardworker” and “Professional” tariff plans.

To settle a function you are to:

  1. Log in to your account  → Plugins
  2. Choose visual options
Screenshot (2)

In this window you can:

  • Choose objects for tracking on the map
  • Choose a map
  • Change settings of a map that is shown on your site
  • See results

HTML-code will be generated automatically. Then you build it in your site, blog or any app with HTML-objects.

Integration with ERP

For corporate clients we allow advanced features of integration GPS/GLONASS tracking with enterprise information systems. 

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