Courier on the map

This extension allows you to track orders right on a website and see the real-time location of an order (courier) and its final destination. To activate this function you are to embed the HTML-code into your website

Getting HTML-code

HTML-code is generated automatically. And you can easily set the layouts such as its map or marker colour.
To get HTML-code you are to log in to your account →Plugins→Courier on the map, then:

Screenshot 3
  1. Customize the settings of the map on your website (size, map type, show the courier on the map as, etc.)
  2. HTML-code with your key is generated automatically. You only have to copy/paste it to your website
Screenshot 4

Work of the plugin on your site

After saving the code you will see the following window with the order indicator. As a question to your client you can use any phrase you enter in the first step, (enter you track order or enter your telephone number).


After the identification, a client will see order location immediately.

Screenshot 5

This function may be used by its own or with other apps.

If you have more questions please contact our support team


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