Get information about the state and movements of your objects using the Monitoring application. The monitoring application allows:

Online monitoring

You can select devices from the list of objects and monitor their GPS position. You can get additional information about them:

  • Device label, it’s model and status, tariff and next payment date
  • GPS position and address
  • Current inputs values and states
  • Information about driver assigned to the device
  • Current odometer and engine hours values
  • Working status
  • Last events
  • GSM and GPS signal levels
  • Internal battery level
  • Board voltage
  • Digital outputs states

Information is grouped by widgets. For your convenience, there is a possibility to move and hide them. Each device model may have different amount of widgets, it depends on types of data which tracker transmitts

Tracks and events history

View tracks and events history on the map to get complete information about the movements of vehicles, people, goods, or animals. Choose the method of viewing history convenient for you:

Map tools

To work with the map, use the following tools:

  • Map selection and map scaling
  • Searching by address
  • Layers
  • Geofences
  • Map clearing
  • Map overview
  • Routing
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Area calculator and measure distance

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