Tracks and stops history


You can retrieve track list and view those tracks on the map – for any date range under the limitation according to your tariff plan.

1. Select the required asset or assets from objects list.

2. On the top right "History" button will light up.

3. Clicking on the button will open a new menu with calendar.


4. Select the date/time range from predefined ones on the left or set a custom one.

5. Click on "Select" button.

Tracks and stops history

6. After that, you will receive general information about trips. You can click on any trip to display it on the map.

7. Detailed track information will be shown to the right of the travel time value under the “i " icon.

There is a possibility to save any track to your hard drive. Click on the "Download" button and KML file will be downloaded.

Tracks and stops history

If you already got a list of trips for a particular device, and then click on another tracker, you will automatically get a list of trips for new device for the same time period.


You can also get information about how long and where the car was parked.

1. Click on the button located above the list of trips.

2. Select any parking and click on "Details" button.

Color mode

You can choose how the tracks will be colored. There are 3 different methods of changing the color.

Tracks and stops history

Click on the track icon and select a color for this trip.

Tracks and stops history

Select this option and tracks will be colored automatically.

Tracks and stops history

This option colors the tracks in red if the device was offline at the time the track was recorded and green in normal situations.

Tracks and stops history

This option also changes the color automatically. Specify the speed range and the color will be changed.

Tracks and stops history

Filter system

Filter system helps to hide/show any specific information. There are 3 options to choose from:

  • Show LBS - hides/displays locations defined approximately using GSM base stations.
  • Clustered - combines closet point-routes and LBS points.
  • Smart filter - allows you to remove incorrect data received from the device.
Tracks and stops history
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