Galileosky+Garmin chat feature

If you want to keep in touch with a driver in addition to chatting in the X-GPS Tracker application, you can use the chat feature for Galileosky devices compatible with Garmin navigators.

To use the Galileosky+Garmin chat feature, your Garmin device must be connected to the RS232 input of your Galileosky via a special Power/Data FMI15 cable.

Go to the “Tracker actions” menu and click on the “Chat with the tracker” button

In the chat window that opens, you can write a message that will be sent to your Garmin device

For his part, a driver can respond to a message. His reply will appear both as a notification and in the chat window

List of compatible Galileosky trackers:

  • Galileosky v1.9
  • Galileosky v2.5
  • Galileosky v4.0
  • Galileosky v5.0
  • Galileosky v7.0
  • Galileosky Base Block
  • Galileosky Boxfinder v1.0

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