Teltonika bluetooth beacons

Teltonika BLE beacons allow collecting data on temperature, magnetic state, and transmitting its identifier over a long distance (up to 200 meters in open area).

Sensors use Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology, which has great energy efficiency and allows the beacon to operate for incredible large time periods using only its internal battery (up to 2 years for SLIM models, up to 5 years for COIN models, and up to 19 years for PUCK models).

The beacon case has an IP68 classification of protection against solid objects and water.

The following models are supported:

  • Blue COIN MAG - small magnetic beacon
  • Blue PUCK MAG - large magnetic beacon
  • Blue COIN ID - small ID beacon
  • Blue PUCK ID - large ID beacon
  • Blue SLIM ID - beacon card for employee identification
  • Blue COIN T - small temperature beacon
  • Blue PUCK T - large temperature beacon
Teltonika bluetooth beacons

Adding a temperature sensor

Temperature sensors are added as measuring sensors, in the input tab you should select "BLE: Temperature" and the sensor type "Temperature".

Teltonika bluetooth beacons

Magnetic sensor

The magnetic sensor displays its status in the "Sensor readings" widget. In this widget, you can always see whether the sensor is active at the moment or not.

Teltonika bluetooth beacons

Identification sensors

These sensors work the same way as iButton and RFID, but there is no need to attach them to a reader. As soon as the sensor is in the range of the tracker, its identifier will be displayed.

Read here how to add an identifier to the platform.

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