Passenger counter


With the help of PP-01 sensor connected to the Galileosky device, you are able to count a total amount of passengers, who have entered and exited a public transport. You can monitor this parameter in the user interface.

Compatible devices

This sensor works via RS485 interface. In order to cooperate with PP-01 sensor, minimal firmware version of Galileosky tracking units should be:

  • For 5.0 devices - 230
  • For Base Block devices - 13
  • For 7 series - 1

How to create a sensor

Please note that sensors should be set to "Cumulative Total" mode. Value does not depend on the doors state in this mode. Here you can find how to configure it.

  1. Enter the "Devices and settings" section and select compatible Galileosky device
  2. Create the measurement sensor and select needed input and sensor type
  3. Save the settings
Passenger counter

Device should have 2 sensors: one for incoming passengers and another for outgoing ones. So you should make previous steps twice.

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