CalAmp accumulator fields

CalAmp devices have accumulators (variables) in which different data can come in depending on the user's setup of the device. So we added a portlet to ease up this configuration and get data from the next accumulators:

  • board voltage,
  • data from external temperature sensors 1-8,
  • hardware mileage (counted on the device's side),
  • analog sensor values 1 - 8,
  • io_states - inputs and outputs states,
  • ibutton ID low part,
  • ibutton ID high part.

For models without one-wire support, external temperature sensors and ibutton IDs will not appear in the list.

How to configure

To configure the accumulator open the "Devices and settings" tab and find the "accumulator fields" portlet.

In this portlet:

  • click the button add_connection "add mapping,"
  • pick the necessary accumulator ID (0-255) that is sending data from inputs,
  • pick the corresponding input type.

Only one input type can be set for one accumulator.

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