Doors, trunk and hood state

Most models of Teltonika vehicle trackers can transmit data on the current state of doors, hood and trunk. You can track its current status and find out if you forgot to close the doors.

This data is transmitted via the CAN bus. Accordingly, the tracker must be equipped with a built-in or external CAN reader connected to the vehicle.


No special configuration is required. However, several factors need to be considered.

Firstly, not all car models transmit this information via the CAN bus. Unfortunately, you can only find out by experience, or by requesting detailed documentation from the manufacturer.

Secondly, due to some peculiarities of the device’s data transfer protocol, you will not be able to track the status of doors, etc., until the system receives the “Open” status at least once. For correct operation, we recommend you to leave the trunk, hood and all doors open for several minutes with the engine running.

As soon as the system receives information that one of the elements is open for the first time, the corresponding line will appear in the CAN data widget.

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