X-GPS Monitor for Android

X-GPS Monitor for Android helps you to stay aware of what’s happening with your objects: every detail of their real-time statuses, location and vehicle telemetry from your smartphones or tablets.

Basic features:

  • Location of the objects online
  • The track history for any period
  • Your own location relative to other objects
  • Notifications about your geo-events
  • Choosing your map: streets or satellite maps
  • Your balance


You can download it from Google Play for your Android for free.


1 – Scan the QR-code. You can read more about it in our guide.
2 – To log in you are to enter your account information (email and password) which you have after registration in our platform.

If you forgot your password, you are to enter your E-mail to recover your password:

After logging in you will see the map on your screen.

On the main screen you have the following buttons:

  1. Trackers
  2. List of notifications
  3. Your position on the map
  4. Choose a map (there are 8 of them)
  5. Map scale

The field “Trackers” contains information about ID and balance, the list of trackers in their departments, settings and “Logout” button.

In “Settings” you can:

  1. Switch on / off notifications
  2. Set notification sound
  3. Set vibration

After choosing a track, the map will show you its location. You will see the core information at the top. Also you may find some tools for detailed information there.

Tracker details includes information about the tracker itself, its status, location, telemetry, etc.

The number of information depends on the model of your tracker.

List of events shows you the list of all the events for chosen period. Click on the event and you will see it on the map.

List of tracks contains all the tracks for chosen period. Click on the track and you will see the rout on your map.

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