Sending telematics data to Navixy

The platform can receive data not only directly from devices, but also with the help of supported retranslating protocols from other services. Currently, there are 2 such protocols - Wialon Retranslator and Wialon IPS (We don't have it as a generic protocol but you can register one of the IPS compatible models.)

Let's check how these protocols should be configured to send data to our server and what information from them we can get.

Wialon Retranslator

Wialon Retranslator protocol is intended for retranslating data via TCP in binary format. With the help of the protocol, you can transmit information about a device's location and the values of sensors. The protocol can be easily extended and specific fields can be supported by processing them depending on the model.

Supported fields

Field - description
  • posinfo - location,
  • io_N - AVL IO (N)
  • pwr_int - built-in battery voltage,
  • pwr_ext or external.powersource.voltage - board voltage,
  • avl_inputs - digital inputs value,
  • avl_outputs - digital outputs value,
  • adc1, adc2, ... - analog sensor value,
  • can1, can2, ... - raw CAN bus data,
  • can.fuel.level.1, can.fuel.level.2, … - CAN fuel level,
  • axle.weight.1, axle.weight.2, ... - axle load,
  • gsm - gsm signal strength, 0 to 31,
  • gsm.signal.dbm - gsm signal level in dBm,
  • ign - ignition, 1 byte with value 0 or 1,
  • fuel level - fuel level, LLS Level
  • fueldataN, fuelN, rs485fuel_levelN, llsN_val, R4.N, rs485_fls0N - fuel level, LLS Level (N)
  • temperature - temperature from built-in sensor,
  • mcc,
  • gsm.mcc,
  • mnc,
  • gsm.mnc,
  • cell_id or gsm.cellid - GSM Cell ID,
  • hdop or position.hdop - HDOP,
  • can_mileage or can.vehicle.mileage - mileage from the vehicle CAN bus, m,
  • engine_temp or can.engine.temperature - engine temperature,
  • engine rpm,
  • can.adblue.level - reagent level.

How to connect

To add a device to Navixy, register a new device with the ID. On the sender's side specify the following tracking server IP address and port.

EU platform: (

US platform: (

Server port: 47690

Wialon Retranslator adding

Wialon IPS

A text protocol over TCP that is easily extended by passing additional parameters in the #D message.

Message format


params is a comma-separated set of additional parameters. Each parameter has a NAME:TYPE: VALUE construction.

NAME - any string, up to 15 bytes long, case insensitive,

TYPE - parameter type, 1 - integer, 2 - real number, 3 - string,

VALUE - value depending on the type. Some of the parameters are common and some are vendor-specific, the processing of these fields depends on the model.

General parameters

Field - description
  • SOS - SOS button alarm,
  • INTERVAL_MODE - the sign of a single-point route,
  • BatteryLevel - battery charge in percent,
  • b - battery charge in Volts,
  • a or LOC_RADIUS - location accuracy (radius) in meters,
  • LOC_SRC - navigation data source: 0 - GPS, 1 - GSM LBS,
  • pwr_ext - board voltage,
  • pwr_int - built-in battery voltage,
  • fuel level - fuel level in liters,
  • temperature - temperature from the built-in sensor.

BITREK specific parameters

Field - description
  • ADC0, ADC1 - values of analog sensors 1 and 2 in millivolts,
  • AIN1, AIN2 - values of analog sensors 1 and 2 in volts,
  • DIN1, DIN2, DIN3, DIN4 - discrete inputs values,
  • VBAT - built-in battery voltage,
  • par1, par2, … - BITREK protocol parameters, where the parameter number corresponds to the IO element code. The main part of the data is described by these parameters.

How to connect

To connect, add the device to the platform as one of the BITREK devices. Reading data from Glonassoft UMKa and NaviTrek devices are also supported. When registering, specify the ID.

On the sender's side, specify the following tracking server IP address and port.

EU platform: (

US platform: (

Server port: 47768

adding Wialon IPS

If you don't need specific fields, you can use one of the BITREK models.

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