Device’s statuses

All devices have their own statuses on the platform. With the help of these statuses customer is able to understand how these devices work. This article will help you to understand meanings of the statuses which you can notice on the platform.

Green status means that device is online and sends new location data to the platform. Device works well and there should be no problems.

Blue status means that device is online but GPS data is not updated

  1. Device is sending invalid GPS data (0:0 for example)
  2. Time Zone set in the device settings is different to UTC+0. Please be advised that our server works in UTC+0 only, it means that devices should be configured to UTC+0 too
  3. Several device models change their status to the blue (GPS not updated) if they are parked for a long time (Concox devices for example)
  4. Device is uploading data from internal memory
  5. Device is sending data to the platform, but data does not contain new GPS information

Red status means that device hasn’t sent any data to the platform for some time.

  1. Device has lost GSM connection or located in the area with weak GSM signal
  2. SIM card is out of data traffic
  3. Device has no possibility to use gprs channel for data transmitting
  4. Device has entered a deep sleep mode
  5. If device hasn’t sent any data for about 10 minutes, connection will be closed by the platform itself

Gray status means that device currently is not registered on the platform. You can learn more about why device activation may fail here.

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