LBS location and how it works

GPS is great for tracking assets because it provides precise location information. This method does not work, however, when the GPS signal cannot be fixed (e.g. in the subway or underground parking).

Luckily, with GSM signals, you can still gather the approximate location.

Using GSM signals (LBS) for acquiring location

GSM cell-based location is very important for security applications (like car anti-theft, kids' safety). Also, it is helpful for long-distance goods tracking – when the goods are shipped in metal containers or when internal battery consumption matters, but the precise location is not absolutely necessary.

How it works: LBS location data

The location of LBS is determined based on data received from cell towers. Usually, the device will identify the nearest cell tower and show its location there.

The Navixy tracking platform supports GSM cell-based location and LBS natively for many tracking devices. In most cases, GPS and GSM are combined: if GPS data cannot be obtained, the system uses LBS as a backup. For example, when a car enters underground parking, the observer can see the last known accurate GPS location and current GSM-based location (with some accuracy range).

LBS location and how it works

However, LBS location provided by the device is usually much less accurate than GPS one. If you want to cut LBS points which are too far from the original device location, you can use “LBS detection radius” portlet in “Devices and settings”:

LBS location and how it works

Setting it to “0m” will cut LBS points from showing in the interface, and tracking history.

My device sends only LBS points – why?

This could happen because of the several reasons:

  1. The device can’t get GPS signal because of it’s location – perhaps your device stands in the garage, or in an underground parking. Also, please check the device installation in the car.
  2. GPS antenna of the device does not work – please check it’s connection with the device, and it’s placement: the best place is under the windshield
  3. GPS module of the device is not working – it could happen sometimes, in this case, we recommend to contact your local dealer to replace the device with the working one.
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