Device statuses

Each device registered on the Navixy platform has a status indicating its current connection state to the server. These statuses are color-coded to enable users to quickly determine the device's current state. The statuses can be broadly categorized into two types: activated or not activated.

Activated devices

Device statuses The green status indicates that the tracker is currently connected to the server and is successfully transmitting valid coordinates with little to no delay.

Device statusesThe blue status indicates that the tracker is currently connected to the server, but has not been transmitting valid coordinates for over 5 minutes. The status will change to green once the GPS tracker updates its position to the server and the timestamp is no later than 5 minutes ago. Several factors can trigger the blue status, such as:

  • GPS data is not being transmitted by the device
  • The device has entered power saving mode
  • The device has incorrect time zone settings (it should be always be set to UTC+0h)

Device statusesThe red status indicates that the device is not connected to the server or has not transmitted any data for more than 10 minutes, causing the server to forcefully close the connection. Several factors can cause this:

  • The device may have lost its Cellular signal, for instance, if it is parked underground
  • The device may have entered deep sleep mode to conserve the battery power
  • The connectivity services have been suspended by the cellular operator

Device statuses The gray status indicates that the tracker has been suspended in the user account due to the late payment. To restore the connection, the user needs to either top up the balance or the GPS provider needs to adjust the pricing plan settings.

Non-activated devices

Device statuses The light green status indicates that the device has just been registered and is in the process of activation. It is normal to see this status for newly registered devices and it may take a few seconds for the activation process to complete.

Device statuses The light orange status indicates that a significant amount of time has passed since the device was registered, but it has not been activated yet. In this case, it is recommended to refer to the document that describes common causes of activation problems. This can help identify and resolve any issues preventing the device from being activated.

Device statuses The light gray status indicates that the device does not support automatic activation, and therefore, it must be manually configured using the configurator that came with the device. If you do not have the configurator, please contact the manufacturer's support or visit their official website. You can find the server address and port on our website or in the widget.

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