Suspending service for a device

Suspending Service for a Device While providing monitoring services for your customers, you might have a situation where you need to temporarily suspend the service for a device, for example, if the customer has missed a payment. In this case, you can switch the device to a pricing plan that restricts its use.

Devices that have been suspended are not available for use and do not record any data until the restriction is lifted. However, the data recorded before the suspension remains intact.

To create a pricing plan that suspends the service for a device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Admin Panel and navigate to the "Plans" section.
  2. Click on "Add Plan" to create a new pricing plan and give it a name (e.g., "Suspended Plan").
Suspending service for a device
  1. Set the billing cycle for the plan to "Monthly (Daily Debit)" and set the monthly fee to a very high value, such as $999,999. This prevents the customer from being charged during the suspension period.
Suspending service for a device
  1. In the pricing plan settings, disable the features of your choice or leave the default settings to restrict device use.
  2. Assign the new pricing plan to the device that you want to suspend service for.
  3. The device will be suspended starting the next day after the pricing plan change.

You should enable the check boxes "Repay Remainder of Current Pricing Plan Payment" and "Charge User Now (According to the New Plan)" when changing the pricing plan.

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