Raw data storage

Raw data allows you and your employees to analyze data more meticulously. Below you can find possible ways how to get such type of data.

You can get raw data received from a device via AIR console feature. Simply establish the connection with device and raw data will start displaying in the console, if device is online and sending data. You can find more information about how to use Air console here

You can contact our tech support ([email protected]), and request our team to collect logs of partucular device for the future time period. Then we will send logs to you as soon as we get them from our developers.

We store data received from device in the databases. Parsed data is very convenient for next calculations, interactions and analysis, therefore we store this type of data instead of raw data, which is more unreadable and less universal.

You are free to use this API call for getting parsed GPS data of particluar device. This call provides a list of valid GPS points from the database directly. You can use that data for your needs. For example, you can make your own reports or apps

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