FAQ. IP address change

Last year we performed several infrastructure upgrades on our servers that increased their stability and capacity.

For EU servers a new IP was introduced — Resources allocated to the old infrastructure and IP will be getting reduced in the near future. For this reason, if your devices are pointed by IP to our old address ( we strongly recommend repointing your devices to or

This will ensure your devices stay connected and will provide you with the most stable system. Recommended timeframe to take action — until July 1st, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: how can i change the IP address on my trackers?

A: it depends on the device model. You usually have the following options:

  1. Using the configurator. You may need to remove the device from the vehicle and connect it with a cable to the PC. But some trackers support Bluetooth connectivity as well as remote Internet connectivity. For example, Teltonika devices support mass sending of settings via FOTA WEB - you can change the IP address of all your trackers at once directly from your computer.
  2. Via SMS. Usually one SMS command is enough for this. You can contact us if you do not know which command to use for a particular model - we will help you. If you have your own SMS gateway - most likely, it supports mass SMS sending and you do not have to send messages one by one.
  3. Via GPRS commands. Usually, the command format is the same as in the case of SMS. Use the air console to connect to the tracker and send a command. If you are good at programming, you can write a script to send commands in bulk using our API.

Q: what happens after July 1st? Devices connected to the old address stop working?

A: we do not plan to completely disable the old address yet. But we will gradually reduce the amount of resources allocated for its maintenance. Therefore, we can no longer guarantee 100% availability of the address without interruptions.

Q: can you provide a list of devices connected to the old address?

A: unfortunately, we have not yet found a way to extract this information, but we are working on it. If this becomes possible, we will notify you.

Q: which is better to use - an IP address or a domain name? or tracker(.us)

A: it is best to use a domain name. In this case, you do not have to change the settings if the IP address changes again sometime in the future. But not all trackers support it. Please read the manual for the device - some of them can work only with an IP address.

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