Maps and geocoding API query limits

As you probably know, Navixy platform utilize external services for maps and geocoding. If you’re not familiar with those services, you can read about them here:

Both Google and OpenStreetMaps have API limits based on the number of requests, which are governed by their usage policy. If you’re using free Google API keys or public OpenStreetMaps servers, you’re likely to run into those limits.

NOTE: If you’re using your own Google keys, you can monitor the usage statistics in your Google Developer Console:

Here are possible solutions to solve this issue:

  1. In case of Google, enable billing in your Google account to activate payed subscriptions for Google API. For information regarding prices and conditions, please refer to Google.
  2. Enable Navixy GIS package. You can find more information on GIS packages using the following link:
  3. Install your own Nominatim server. More information on Nominatim can be found using the following link:

If you have any questions, please contact us at the following address:

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