Air Console

Air console is an instrument, which displays all data which are transmitted from device to the server and vice versa in real-time without any delays.
Data in this console has a device communication protocol format. This format is described in corresponding documents, which you can ask from device manufacturer support team.

With the help of Air console you can:

  • Analyze outcoming and incoming data
  • Change device settings by sending gprs commands, according to device's communication protocol syntax
  • In the field where the parsed data appears, you can check parameters which are read on the platform side.
  • You can find possible reasons of incorrect device working

If you want to start using Air console, you need to:

  • Choose the device, which data you want to check, in the Admin panel → Trackers (it should be on-line)
  • Click “Air Console”→”Start connection”
Air Console
  • If you have finished working with the console, you need to click “Terminate connection” or simply close the tab
Air Console
  • In the left part of the tab you can send commands to the device from the platform. Also, you can see the list of previous messages
  • The right part of the tab shows the list of parsed parameters. This list depends on the model of your device and may include information about inputs and outputs, battery level, number of fixed satellites, GSM signal etc. When new values of these parameters are received, information also updates immediately
Air Console
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