Returns list of all users belonging to dealer as file.

If filter is used (parameter filter is passed, it is not empty and do not consist only of space characters),
entities will be returned only if filter string is contained within one of the following fields:
id, login, last_name, first_name, middle_name, phone,
post_city, post_region, post_country, post_index, post_street_address,
registered_country, registered_index, registered_region, registered_city, registered_street_address,
tin, iec, legal_name

required permissions:

  • users: “read”


  • filterstring, optional. Text filter string.
  • order_bystring, optional (default: id). Specify list ordering.
    May be one of: id, login, last_name, balance, bonus, phone, post_city.
  • ascendingboolean, optional (default: true). If true, ordering will be ascending, descending otherwise.
  • limitint, optional. Max number of records to return, used for pagination.
  • offsetint, optional (default: 0). Starting offset, used for pagination.
  • hide_inactiveboolean, optional (default: false). if true only activated users will be returned
  • formatstring, optional (default: xlsx). xlsx or csv
  • columnsarray of string, (default: [“id”, “login”, “first_name”, “middle_name”, “last_name”, “phone”]). list of columns to export

About user object structure see above.


XLSX or CSV file


No specific errors.

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