user object structure:

    "dealer_id": 5001,                // dealer id
    "activated": true,                // true if user is activated (allowed to login)
    "verified": true,                 // true if user's email is verified
    "login": "[email protected]",         // User email as login. Must be valid unique email address
    "first_name": ${string},          // Contact person first name
    "middle_name": ${string},         // Contact person middle name
    "last_name": ${string},           // Contact person last name
    "legal_type": "legal_entity",     // either "legal_entity", "individual" or "sole_trader"
    "phone": "491761234567",          // Contact phone (10-15 digits)
    "post_country": "Germany",        // country part of user's post address
    "post_index": "61169",            // index part of user's post address
    "post_region": "Hessen",          // region part of user's post address
    "post_city": "Wiesbaden",         // city from postal address
    "post_street_address": "Marienplatz 2", // street address
    "registered_country": "Germany",  // country part of user's registered address
    "registered_index": "61169",      // index part of user's registered address
    "registered_region": "Hessen",    // region part of user's registered address
    "registered_city": "Wiesbaden",   // city from registered address
    "registered_street_address": "Marienplatz 2", // User's registered address
    "state_reg_num": ${string},       // State registration number. E.g. EIN in USA, OGRN in Russia. 15 characters max.
    "tin": ${string},                 // Taxpayer identification number aka "VATIN"
    "legal_name": "E. Biasi GmbH",    // user legal name (for "legal_entity" only)
    "iec": ${string},                 // Industrial Enterprises Classifier aka "KPP" (used in Russia. for "legal_entity" only)
    "id": 38935,                      // user id
    //this fields are read-only, they should not be used in user/update(..)
    "balance" : 10.01,                // user balance
    "bonus": 0,                       // user bonus balance
    "creation_date" : "2014-03-01 13:00:00", // date/time when user was created, in UTC
    "trackers_count": 10 //user trackers count

discount object structure:

    "value": 5.5, //personal discount percent, min 0 max 100
    "min_trackers": 10, //min active trackers to apply discount, min 0
    "end_date": "2017-03-01", //discount end date, null means open date, nullable
    "strategy": "sum_with_progressive" // one of no_summing, sum_with_progressive

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