Returns list of all trackers belonging to dealer (with optional filtering by filter string, user id and/or tariff id).

If “filter” is used, entities will be returned only if filter string is contained within one of the following fields:
id, label,, source.device_id, source.model,, user_id

required permissions:

  • trackers: “read”


name description type
user_id Optional. Id of the user. User must belong to authorized dealer. Int
tariff_id Optional. Id of the tariff. Tariff must belong to authorized dealer. Int
filter Optional. Text filter string. String
order_by Optional. Specify list ordering. Can be one of id, label, status, model, device_id, phone, creation_date String
ascending If true, ordering will be ascending, descending otherwise. Default is true. Boolean
offset Optional. Starting offset, used for pagination. Default is 0. Int
limit Optional. Max number of records to return, used for pagination. Int


    "success": true,
    "list" : [ <tracker> , ... ],
    "count" : <int> // total number of records (ignoring offset and limit), e.g. 42


  • 201 – Not found in database (if user_id or tariff_id was specified but was not found)

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