tracker actions:

tracker data structure:

    "id": ${int},                   // tracker id aka object_id
    "label": ${string},             // tracker label
    "clone": ${boolean},            // true if this tracker is clone
    "group_id": ${int},             // tracker group id, 0 if no group
    "user_id": 3,                   // id of the user to which this tracker (or clone) belongs to
    "dealer_id": 5001,              // id of the dealer to which this tracker (or clone) belongs to
    "deleted": ${boolean},          // true if tracker or clone has been marked as deleted
    "creation_date": "2013-02-02",  // tracker or clone creation date
    "avatar_file_name" : ${string}, // optional. passed only if present
    "source": {
        "id": ${int},            // source id
        "device_id": ${string},  // aka source_imei
        "model": ${string},      // tracker model name from "models" table
        "blocked": ${boolean},   // true if tracker was blocked due to tariff end, etc.
        "tariff_id": ${int},     // id of tracker's tariff from "main_tariffs" table
        "creation_date": "2013-01-01",  // date when this tracker was first registered in the system
        "tariff_end_date": "2016-03-24",// date of next tariff prolongation or null 
        "connection_status": "idle",    // current connection status
        "phone": ${string}       // phone of the device. can be null or empty if device has no GSM module 
                                 // or uses bundled SIM which number is hidden from the user
        "corrupted": true        // true when tracker is corrupted using /tracker/corrupt(...), 
                                 // and not passed when it is not corrupted 

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