tariff data structure:

    "id": ${int},                      // tariff id
    "name": ${string},                 // tariff name
    "group_id": ${int},                // tariff group number
    "active": ${boolean},              // true if user is allowed to change current tariff to this one
    "type": ${string},                 // type of tariff "monthly" or "activeday" (for "tracker" device_type only)
    "price": ${double},                // tariff subscription price (usually per month)
    "early_change_price": 23.0, // (double) price of change tariff from current to other 
            // with the last change in less than 30 days (**tariff.freeze.period** config option).
            // When not passed or "null" user cannot change tariff frequently.
    "device_limit": ${int},            // maximum limit of devices per user. not used for cameras and sockets
    "has_reports": ${boolean},
    "store_period": ${string},         // data storage period, e.g. "2h" (2 hours), "3d" (3 days), "5m" (5 months), "1y" (one year)
    "device_type": ${string},          // Device type. Can be "tracker", "camera" or "socket"
    "proportional_charge": ${boolean}, // true if monthly fee will be smaller
            // when device was blocked during month (for "monthly" tariffs only)
    "service_prices": ${prices}        // prices JSON object (see below)

service_prices data structure:

    "incoming_sms": ${double}, // incoming sms price
    "outgoing_sms": ${double}, // outgoing sms price
    "service_sms": ${double},  // service sms price
    "phone_call": ${double},   // phone voice notification sms price
    "traffic": ${double}       // traffic price per megabyte

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