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Every call to panel api requires a set (possibly empty) of permissions. To determine if user is allowed to execute api call, user’s permissions is compared with call’s required permissions. If user does not have at least one required permission, the call is not executed and error “Operation not permitted” is returned.

Each permission is defined as a pair of category (e.g. “trackers”) and operation (e.g. “read”).
A set of permissions within one category is often grouped as in the following example:

  • trackers : “create”, “read”

This defines two permissions: (“trackers”, “create”) and (“trackers”, “read”).

List of all possible categories and operations

  • accounting: “generate”
  • activation_code: “create”, “read”, “update”
  • base: “get_dealer_info”
  • notification_settings: “read”, “update”
  • service_settings: “read”, “update”
  • tariffs: “create”, “read”, “update”
  • trackers: “create”, “read”, “update”, “delete”
  • transactions: “create”, “read”, “update”
  • users: “create”, “read”, “update”, “delete”
  • user_sessions: “create”
  • sms: “create”
  • tracker_bundles: “read”, “update”

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