App: Delivery

“Delivery” is a special plugin which can be embedded to any other application or website and allow to track user’s task by external ID and bounded tracker in the real time.


where key – is a session key generated with /user/session/delivery/create


The plugin can be easily customized with the following parameters provided as GET params:

    • performer_type – You can use an employee or vehicle label as the tracker marker label. Values: “employee”, “vehicle”, “tracker”
    • performer_label – You can set the custom tracker marker label
    • external_id – The task external ID, specified in task creation/edit form
    • hide_task(1,0) – Hides task. In this mode you can track only the tracker(courier)
    • display_fields – You can show only important information in the task info panel. Names of fields are listed through a comma. Fields: label, description, address, period.
    • prompt_placeholder– The task external ID prompt placeholder e.g “Order ID”
    • panel_align – Specifies the task info panel align. Values: tl – Top-Left corner, tr – Top-Right corner, bl – Bottom-Left corner, br – Bottom-Right corner.
    • panel_scale – Specifies the task info panel size. Values: small,medium,big – medium is the defaul value
    • color – Specifies the task marker and the tracker marker color. Values: FF0000(red),FF9900(orange),339966(green),3366FF(blue). FF9900(orange) by default.
Available colors: “000000”, “993300”, “333300”, “003300”, “003366”, “000080”, “333399”, “333333”, “800000”, “FF6600”, “808000”, “008000”, “008080”, “0000FF”, “666699”, “808080”, “FF0000”, “FF9900”, “99CC00”, “339966”, “33CCCC”, “3366FF”, “800080”, “969696”, “FF00FF”, “FFCC00”, “FFFF00”, “00FF00”, “00FFFF”, “00CCFF”, “993366”, “C0C0C0”, “FF99CC”, “FFCC99”, “FFFF99”, “CCFFCC”, “CCFFFF”, “99CCFF”, “CC99FF”, “FFFFFF”


Autoscaling means that the scale of the map and the center of the area are automatically selected so that all displayed objects are visible.

`0` – do not scale
`1` – scale (by default)

Map scale

The zoom parameter allows to specify map scale by default. Parameter will be ignored with switched on autoscaling.

`roadmap` – Google
`osm` – Open Street map
`doublegis` – 2Gis
`osmmapnik` – OSM mapnik
`wikimapia` – Wikimapia
`mailru` –
`yandexpublic` – Yandex Public map
`cdcom` – Progorod
`satellite` – satellite

API for keys

Authorisation on API

To use the calls described further you have to be authorized in system as it is described according to the link: API authorization

Creating a key

Use the following API call to create a new key

answer example if the key is successfully generated:

    'success': true,
    'value': '206831ba32ec9d2a6f7b91b033a48912'

Important: previous key (if you already have got one), will be replaced with the new one. All the links like <old key> will not work anymore.

Retrieving a key

To acquire the key you have created earlier, please use the method

The reply will look like as follows:

    'success': true,
    'value': '206831ba32ec9d2a6f7b91b033a48912'

If you have more questions please contact our support team


USA: +1 858 225 46 88

Mexico: +52 558 526 11 25

UK: +44 203 807 64 62

Russia: +7 495 128 35 56

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