Legal entity registration (aka “расширенная регистрация – юридическое лицо”). Does not require authentication.

registered address = “юридический адрес”


name description type
time_zone User timezone (e.g. "Europe/Moscow" ) String
locale User locale (e.g. “ru_RU”) String
first_name Contact person first name String
middle_name Contact person middle name String
last_name Contact person last name String
phone Contact phone (10-15 digits, e.g. “79226788432”) String
login User email as login. Must be valid unique email address String
password User password, 6 to 20 printable characters String
dealer_id (optional) If specified, user wil be registered with this dealer, otherwise default dealer will be used Integer
post_country country part of user’s post address, e.g. “Россия” String
post_index index part of user’s post address, e.g. “641870” String
post_region region part of user’s post address, e.g. “Свердловская область” String
post_city city from postal address String
post_street_address street address, e.g. “ул. Красная Слобода д.30” String
registered_country country part of user’s registered address, e.g. “Россия” String
registered_index index part of user’s registered address, e.g. “641870” String
registered_region region part of user’s registered address, e.g. “Свердловская область” String
registered_city city from registered address String
registered_street_address User’s registered address, e.g. “ул. Красная Слобода д.30” String
legal_name aka “Юридическое название”, e.g. ‘ООО “Омега”‘ String
tin Taxpayer identification number aka “ИНН”. 9 to 12 digits String
iec Industrial Enterprises Classifier aka “КПП”. 4 to 10 digits String
captcha_id captcha id obtained using captcha/create String
captcha_text text from captcha image with the specified id String


    "success": true, 
    "activated": <boolean> // if true, user can login right now, otherwise he must confirm his registration using email


  • 11 – Access denied (if dealer blocked)
  • 12 – Dealer not found (if dealer id was specified and corresponding PaaS was not found in database)
  • 206 – login already in use (if this email already registered)
  • 207 – invalid captcha (if captcha id is wrong or expired, or wrong captcha text has been provided)

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