cGuard tracking profile.

name: ‘cguard’

    "tracking_interval": <int, second, min=0, max=65535, default=60> [required],
    "tracking_distance": <int, meter, min=0, max=65535, default=100> [required],
    "tracking_angle" : <int, degree, min=0, max=180, default=45> [required],
    "psm_interval": <int, second, min=0, max=65535, default=300> [required],
    "mode": <string, TRACKER|ASSET, default=ASSET> [required],
    "wakeup_type": <string, SCHEDULED|PERIODICAL, default=PERIODICAL> [required if mode == 'ASSET'],
    "wakeup_day": <string, EVERYDAY|MONDAY|TUESDAY|WEDNESDAY|THURSDAY|FRIDAY|SATURDAY|SUNDAY, default=EVERYDAY> [required if wakeup_type == 'SCHEDULED'],
    "wakeup_time": <string, format 'HH:mm', default='12:00'> [required if wakeup_type == 'SCHEDULED'],
    "wakeup_period": <int, minutes, min=15, max=65535, default=1440> [required if wakeup_type == 'PERIODICAL'],
    "moving_detection": <boolean, default='true'> [required if mode == 'ASSET'],
  • tracking_interval: interval in seconds, e.g. 30 means that the device will send traсking data every 30 seconds.
  • tracking_distance: distance in meters, e.g. 100 means that the device will send data every 100 meters.
  • tracking_angle: the device will additionally send data when it changes direction to specified angle, e.g. 30 degrees.
  • psm_interval: duration in seconds for the device to stay in the deep sleep mode.
  • mode: device working mode. ‘TRACKER’ means that device work in continuous mode. ‘ASSET’ means that device work in periodical mode and wakes up on schedule or by period.
  • wakeup_type: how device wakes up in ‘ASSET’ mode.
  • wakeup_day: what day to wake up if wakeup_type == ‘SCHEDULED’.
  • wakeup_time: what time to wake up if wakeup_type == ‘SCHEDULED’.
  • moving_detection: ‘true’ means that device will be wakes up at the beginning of the movement.

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