Resend registration commands to the device.

required subuser rights: tracker_register


tracker_idId of the tracker (aka “object_id”). Tracker must belong to authorized user and not be blocked.Int
apn_nameThe name of GPRS APN of this sim card inserted into device, e.g. “”String
apn_userThe user of GPRS APN of this sim card inserted into device, e.g. “tmobile”String
apn_passwordThe password of GPRS APN of thes sim card inserted into device, e.g. “tmobile”String


    "success": true


  • 13 – Operation not permitted – if user has insufficient rights
  • 204 – Entity not found (if there is no tracker with such id belonging to authorized user)
  • 208 – Device blocked (if tracker exists but was blocked due to tariff restrictions or some other reason)
  • 219 – Not allowed for clones of the device (if specified tracker is a clone)
  • 214 – Requested operation or parameters are not supported by the device (if device does not have GSM module)
  • 242 – Device already connected. (if tracker was connected to the server)

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