Register a new tracker device using only IMEI.

required subuser rights: tracker_register


Common parameters are:

name description type
label User-defined label for this tracker, e.g. “Courier”. Must consist of prontable characters and have length between 1 and 60. String
group_id Tracker group id, 0 if tracker does not belong to any group. The specified group must exist. Int
imei IMEI String


    "success": true,
    "value": <tracker> //a newly created tracker


  • 13 – Operation not permitted – if user has insufficient rights
  • 201 – Not found in database (if there is no bundle with such IMEI)
  • 204 – Entity not found (if specified group does not exist)
  • 220 – Unknown device model (if specified device model does not exist)
  • 221 – Device limit exceeded (if device limit set for the user’s dealer has been exceeded)
  • 222 – Plugin not found (if specified plugin is not foun or is not supported by device model)
  • 223 – Phone number already in use (if specified phone number already used in another device)
  • 224 – Device ID already in use (if specified device ID already registered in the system)
  • 225 – Not allowed for this legal type (if tariff of the new device is not compatible with user’s legal type)
  • 226 – Wrong ICCID (if specified ICCID was not found)
  • 227 – Wrong activation code (if specified activation code was not found or is already activated)

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