Register a new tracker device. During registration, device is linked with current API user’s account and automatically configured to send data to our servers (if device model supports it).

required subuser rights: tracker_register


Because of the variety of tracker models and business applications, there are many different ways to register tracker in our system. They are called “Registration plugins“. Each of registration plugins has its own set of additional parameters.

In addition to parameters specified in this section, you must pass all parameters which are required by the plugin you have chosen. See example below.

Common parameters are:

labelUser-defined label for this tracker, e.g. “Courier”. Must consist of printable characters and have length between 1 and 60.String
group_idTracker group id, 0 if tracker does not belong to any group. The specified group must exist. See group/list()Int
modelA code of one of the supported models, e.g. “pt10”. See “tracker/list_models()“.String
plugin_idAn id of a registration plugin which will be used to register the device. See “Registration pluginsInt
device_idMust be specified if device model uses fixed device id, e.g. IMEI. See “tracker/list_models()“.String
    "success": true,
    "value": <tracker> //a newly created tracker

For “tracker” object structure, see tracker/.

  • 13 – Operation not permitted – if user has insufficient rights
  • 204 – Entity not found (if specified group does not exist. See group/list() )
  • 220 – Unknown device model (if specified device model does not exist)
  • 221 – Device limit exceeded (if device limit set for the user’s dealer has been exceeded)
  • 222 – Plugin not found (if specified plugin is not foun or is not supported by device model)
  • 223 – Phone number already in use (if specified phone number already used in another device)
  • 224 – Device ID already in use (if specified device ID already registered in the system)
  • 225 – Not allowed for this legal type (if tariff of the new device is not compatible with user’s legal type)
  • 226 – Wrong ICCID (Plugin specific: if specified ICCID was not found)
  • 227 – Wrong activation code (Plugin specific: if specified activation code was not found or is already activated)
  • 258 – Bundle not found (Plugin specific: if bundle not found for specified device ID)


In this example we use plugin id = 37 (see Plugin description ) to register Queclink GV55Lite. We chose to include the device to default group, so group ID is 0. As this device is identified by IMEI, we include it as device ID (123451234512346).
Also we include phone, apn_name, apn_user, apn_password of the sim card installed in device and activation_code since this parameters are required by plugin.

You can try to “auto-detect” APN settings by phone number using apn_settings/read(..) API call.

NOTE You will need to replace hash, phone, activation_code and device_id with valid values.

If you have more questions please contact our support team


USA: +1 858 225 46 88

Mexico: +52 558 526 11 25

UK: +44 203 807 64 62

Russia: +7 495 128 35 56

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