Request to change the state of the specified digital output of the device. The device must be online.


name description type
tracker_id Id of the tracker (aka “object_id”). Tracker must belong to authorized user and not be blocked. Int
output The number of the output to control, starting from 1. Int
enable True if the requested output should be enabled, or false if it should be disabled Bool


{"success": true}


  • 204 – Entity not found (if there is no tracker with such id belonging to authorized user)
  • 208 – Device blocked (if tracker exists but was blocked due to tariff restrictions or some other reason)
  • 213 – Cannot perform action: the device is offline (if corresponding tracker is not connected to the server)
  • 214 – Requested operation or parameters are not supported by the device (if device does not support controlling single output, does not have specified digital output, or the specified
    output is reserved to “engine block” feature. In this case, output cannot be controlled by this command for safety reasons.)
  • 219 – Not allowed for clones of the device (if tracker is clone)

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