Get all tracker models (from “models” table).


name description type
compact_view Optional. true to compact view, default is false booloean
codes Optional array of model codes. If passed only given models will be returned. array of String


    "success": true, "list": [
        "id": 2,
        "code": <model_code>, //string
        "type": <logger, portable, vehicle, or  personal>, //string
        "name": <model name, e.g. "Navixy VT-300">,
        "id_type": <what is used to identify this tracker (see below)>,
        "has_phone": <true if model has sim_card with phone number>,  //string
        "has_apn_settings": <true if model has APN settings>,  //string
        "register": <true if model is allowed to register>, //boolean
        "battery": <null if device does not have internal battery or <battery>(see below) > , //json object
        "altitude": <true if device transmits altitude>, //boolean
        "satellites": <true if device transmits satellite count>, //boolean
        "gsm_level": <true if device transmits gsm signal level>, //boolean,
        "gsm_network": <true if device transmits gsm network name>, //boolean,
        "gsm_roaming": <true if device transmits gsm roaming status>, //boolean,
        "has_detach_button": <true if device has detach button>, //boolean,
        "has_fuel_input": <true if device has dedicated fuel sensor input>, //boolean,
        "analog_inputs": <number of analog inputs>, //int
        "digital_inputs": <number of digital inputs>, //int
        "rs232_inputs": <number of RS-232 inputs>, //int,
        "digital_outputs": <number of digital outputs>, //int,
        "track_control": <name of track control UI component>, //string
        "output_control": <name of output control UI component>, //string
        "special_control": <name of special control UI component>, //string
        "vendor": <vendor name>, //string
        "inputs": [list of available inputs] // array of strings,
        "rules": [list of available rules] // array of strings,
        "state_fields": [],
        "has_led_control": true,
        "special_settings": [ "none" ],
        "sms_control": [], //set of strings, "tracking", "outputs" indicates what control methods uses SMS
        "has_location_request" : <true if device support SMS location request>,
        "has_gsm_lbs_location_request" : <true if device support GSM/LBS location request>
    }, ... ]
<battery> =
            "min_charge": <minimum battery charge in volts>, //float
            "low_charge": <low battery charge in volts>, //float
            "max_charge": <maximum battery charge in volts>, //float

Id type:

Id type is used to determine the information needed to register device in our system (see tracker/register(..)).

Possible values are:

  • “imei” – means device uses IMEI as its identifier, e. g. “356938035643809”. See Wikipedia article. When needed, you should pass only digits of IMEI, no spaces, minus signs, etc.
  • “meid” means device uses MEID consisting of 14 HEX digits as its identifier, e. g. “A10000009296F2”. See Wikipedia article.
  • “id,n” – means device uses n-digit identifier (factory id with length n), for example, “id,7” means that you must pass 7-digit number, for example “1234567”
  • “n,m” – n-digit generated id starting with m. This means that device has configurable ID and our platform generates and configures it automatically. You don’t need to pass any identifier during device registration in this case.


general types only


        "id": 166,
        "code": "tt1_wp",
        "type": "vehicle",
        "name": "WondeProud TT1",
        "id_type": "10,2",
        "has_phone": true,
        "has_apn_settings": true,
        "register": true,
        "battery": {
            "min_charge": 3.4,
            "low_charge": 3.7,
            "max_charge": 4.1
        "altitude": true,
        "satellites": true,
        "gsm_level": true,
        "gsm_network": true,
        "gsm_roaming": true,
        "has_detach_button": false,
        "has_fuel_input": true,
        "analog_inputs": 2,
        "digital_inputs": 4,
        "rs232_inputs": 0,
        "digital_outputs": 4,
        "track_control": "tt1",
        "output_control": "default",
        "special_control": "none",
        "vendor": "WondeProud",
        "rules": ["offline",
        "inputs": ["analog_2", "analog_1"],
        "state_fields": [],
        "special_settings": ["none"],
        "sms_control": [],
        "has_led_control": false,
        "has_location_request": true,
        "has_gsm_lbs_location_request": true,
        "has_chat": false,
        "check_bundle": false,
        "has_odometer": true

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