Get all task belonging to user with optional filtering.


  • external_idstring. (optional) external task ID for search
  • statusesstring[]. (optional. default all) list of task statuses, e.g. [“unassigned”,”failed”]
  • trackersint[]. (optional) ids of the trackers to which task is assigned
  • fromstring. (optional) show tasks which are actual AFTER this date, e.g. “2014-07-01 00:00:00”
  • tostring. (optional) show tasks which are actual BEFORE this date, e.g. “2014-07-01 00:00:00”
  • filtersstring[]. (optional) filters for task label, description or address
  • tag_idsint[]. (optional) tag IDs assigned to the task

If external_id, trackers, filters, from, to or tag_ids is not passed or null then appropriate condition not used to filter results.

  • offsetint. (optional) offset from start of the found tasks for pagination
  • limitint. (optional) limit of the found tasks for pagination

If offset or limit is null then restrictions for paginations will not be applied.

  • sortstring[]. (optional) set of sort options. Each option is a pair of column name and sorting direction, e.g. [“label=acs”, “address=desc”, “employee=desc”]. Possible columns:
    address (location.address)
    employee (employee.last_name, employee.first_name, employee.middle_name, tracker.label)


    "success": true,
    "list": [ <task>, ... ],
    "count: 1" // count of the all found tasks

Full JSON returned to the task/list

   "id": 111, //task id
   "user_id": 3, //user id (office). Unchangeable parameter.
   "tracker_id": 22, //tracker ID. Indicator ID by which the implementation of this task will be controlled.
   "location": { //area (circle geofence), entering and leaving of geofence will be controlled
       "lat": 56.5, //latitude
       "lng": 60.5, //longitude
       "address": "Schulhof 2, Wien, Austria", //area address
       "radius": 150 //radius in meters
    "label": "Name", //task name, length 1-200 characters
    "description": "Description example", //task description, length 0-1024 characters
    "creation_date": "2014-01-02 03:04:05", //date of creation of a task, unchangeable field
    "from": "2014-02-03 04:05:06", //start date of the interval - when the specified location has to be visited (in the user's time zone)
    "to": "2014-03-04 05:06:07"//end date of the interval - when the specified location has to be visited (in the user's time zone)
    "external_id": "01234567", //Text field for tracking of communication of the task with certain external systems (for example, number of the order). Is for reference only.
    "status": "assigned", //Current status of a task, can have "unassigned" value (unassigned to any executor), "assigned", "done", "failed", "delayed", "arrived"(arrived to geofence but haven't done the task)
    "status_change_date": "2014-01-02 03:04:05", //date of the last change of the status of a task
    "max_delay": 5, //the maximum time delay of the execution of the task, in minutes
    "min_stay_duration": 0, //the minimum stay time in the area of the task in which the task has to be done, in minutes
    "arrival_date": "2014-01-02 03:04:05", //date and time of arrival to the area of ​​the task, can be null, if the executor has not visited it yet
    "stay_duration": 10, //number of seconds spent inside task zone
    "origin": "manual", //the way of creation of a task, can be "manual", "scheduled" or "imported" (from excel)
    "type": "task" //reserved


general types only

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