Create a new file entry associated with form’s field. By making this call you basically “request permission” to upload a file. In return you are provided with upload credentials (url, form fields, etc.).
Note that in order to actually “include” file as form field’s value, creating and uploading file is not enough. You must then submit a form with file id as a value of corresponding form field.

If file was created but was not uploaded, it will be deleted after date/time specified in “expires” response field. If file was uploaded but was not included as form field’s value, it will be deleted on next form submission.

required subuser rights: task_update


task_idId of the task to which form is attachedint
field_idId of the form’s field to which enew file should be attachedString
sizeMaximum size in bytes for the file which will be uploaded. This is needed to “reserve” the space for file in user’s disk space quotaint
filenameOptional. If specified, uploaded file will have the specified name. If not, name will be taken from actual file upload formString?
metadataOptional.metadata objectJSON object?


  "success": true,
  "value": {
    "file_id": 111, //this value will be submited as form's field value
    "url": "", //an url to which POST form-data with file contents should be executed 
    "expires": "2016-02-03 03:04:00", //after this date file record wil expire and upload requests will be rejected
    "file_field_name": "file", //name for file field in POST upload request
    "fields": { //these fields should be passed as addational fields in POST upload request, field with file must be the last one
      "token": "wewerwerwerwerwerwerwewerwe" //used for authentication of upload


  • 201 – Not found in database (if there is no task with such id, or task doesn’t have form, or form has no field with such field_id)
  • 231 – Entity type mismatch (if form field is not file-based, i.e. doesn’t use file id as its value)
  • 255 – Invalid task state (if current task state is not “unassigned”, “assigned” or “arrived”, or if task’s form was not submitted at least once)
  • 267 – Too many entities (if there’s 6 or more unsubmitted files already associated with this form’s field)
  • 268 – File cannot be create due to quota violation

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