Contains API calls related to forms associated with tasks.

See forms

Form object structure

<form> =
    "id": 2, //form unique id
    "label": "Order form", //user-defined form label, from 1 to 100 characters
    "fields": [  //multiple <form_field> objects can be here
        "id": "111-aaa-whatever", //id must be unique across form fields
        "label": "Name",
        "description": "Your full name",
        "required": true,
        "min_length": 5,
        "max_length": 255,
        "type": "text"
    "created": "2017-03-15 12:36:27", //date when this form was created (attached to the task). Read-only field
    "submit_in_zone": true, //if true, form can be submitted only in task zone
    "task_id": 1, //id of the task to which this form is attached
    "template_id": 1, //id of the form template on which this form is based. Can be null if template was deleted.
    "values": { //A map with field ids as keys and <field_value> objects as values
      "111-aaa-whatever": { //key is used to link field and its corresponding value
        "type": "text", //value type and field type must match
        "value": "John Doe" //the rest of value object is field type-specific
    "submitted": "2017-03-21 18:40:54", //date when form values were last submitted
    "submit_location": { //location at which form values were last submitted
      "lat": 11.0,
      "lng": 22.0,
      "address": "Wall Street, NY"

For form_field and form_value object description, see form fields and values

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